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All products are manufactured in South Africa
Dreamtime Hammocks has been producing hammocks and hammocks stands since 1996 – the original hammock manufacturer on the  Midlands Meander craft route in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our latest  design – a unique sturdy wooden lounger, the Eazilay, is comfortable, portable, and assembled in minutes.

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Eazilay Hammock Stand

 Includes delivery to your door (S.A.)
Wooden Lounger is made from sustainable sourced hardwood which will last you a lifetime.
It is stronger and better than any metal hammock stand around.
Made in South Africa.

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Camping sleeping hammock

 Luxury Sleeping Hammock – includes delivery to your door (S.A.)

Spreader Bar Hammock

 Spreader Bar Hammock – includes delivery to your door. (S.A.)




Cappuccino Sitting Hammock

Sitting Hammock –  includes delivery to your door. (S.A.)

Wooden Hammock Stand with Blue Hammock from Dreamtime Hanmoocks

 Wooden Hammack stand – includes delivery to your door (South Africa) 
Made from sustainable sourced hardwood which will last you a lifetime. Made in South Africa.


Single loop Sleeping Hammock

Basic Sleeping Hammock – includes delivery. (S.A.)

Handslide - wood cedar/cyprss with resin finish

Handslide – wood cedar/cyprss with resin finish.


Also a wide range of body surf handslides manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa by David Constance. The handslides come in a range of materials: carbon fibre, fibre glass and polyester resin as well as the wood with resin finish.

Price includes leashes and fins